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Jan 23, 2013 2:30pm PST
unprecedented retreat. now come to israel, where talks are already underway about building a new coalition government. put they's ballot alliance led by benjamin netanyahu -- and left him in a substantially weaker position. there is a young, centrist party. we have this report from jerusalem. >> thrusting himself and his centrist party onto center stage. after a long night, about his probable role in the coalition government, a potential newcomer, he told the bbc before the election exactly what he stands for. >> somebody has to be the voice of the middle class. there is a dispute with the palestinians. we came into the political arena to become that voice. >> benjamin netanyahu is expected to bring him into a new, broad government. the government was weakened by yesterday's vote, but net non remains prime minister. he is being urged to put together as broad coalition as possible, reflecting the day-to- day concerns of the secular is really is. perhaps, some of the ultra- orthodox religious parties and recent governments. after nationwide protests last year, the high cost of living in isra
Jan 31, 2013 2:30pm PST
smuggle such weapons from syria. is israel attacks, it means that such an attempt by hezbollah was made. >> the contagion from the violence in syria worries the whole region. syria sits on the middle east religious and political fault lines. they connect the war to all of its neighbors, whether they like it or not. the war in syria is exporting trouble. its neighbors are seeing a new threats to their security as a result of the slow collapse of the syrian state. this time, israel felt threatened but all of the country sharing borders and some further afield have seen rising tensions and in some places, bloodshed because of the war. international diplomacy is deadlocked. >> that there has been problems in the turkish border in recent weeks. there are huge flows of refugees over the jordanian border. many tensions in iraq at the moment. lebanon, many connections to syria. the longer this crisis goes on, the more people that it affects, the greater the danger. >> in syria, the victims of the latest massacre at aleppo have been buried. syria is breaking up before everyone's eyes according t
Jan 22, 2013 2:30pm PST
strength and experience to tackle israel's many problems. rejecting criticism from home and overseas, he is taking israel down a dangerous confrontational path. mr. netanyahu has authorized even more building in the settlements. there has been no progress in the peace talks with palestinians. the prime minister could isolate israel even further. >> if they often form a government with the extreme right wing and the ultra religious, this is a government that will call -- with the european union, a clash with the obama administration and will not curry favor with the israeli public. this kind of government might not survive. >> this party led by a formal journalist could now play a role in a more modern government. another newcomer is shaking israel's political landscape. >> benjamin netanyahu has taken this page -- taken the stage. let's listen. >> that was the whole of israeli citizens. i'm hoping to leave these changes and for this purpose, we ought to create a wide as possible government. i started this task already this evening. the government that will be created will be based on the
Jan 21, 2013 4:00pm PST
strength to deal with the enemies of israel. >> he is trying to reestablish his right-wing credentials by supporting more building in jewish settlements of occupied palestinian land, which is seen illegal by international law. but even that is not enough to appease some of his former supporters on the right. -- >> one report said that there was a record surge in settlement expansion, not enough for those on the right to say that he is not tough enough for the palestinians. >> israel has to be strong on their negotiations and by being weak -- this is detrimental. >> others worry that his decision to form an alliance with the older-nationalist lieberman could hurt israel overseas. >> israel is going to be under the brunt of increased international criticism and what is most dangerous is the criticism from europe and the united states, not from the people who don't particularly like us. >> benjamin netanyahu and barack obama have never been close, and the u.s. president is resigned to a difficult relationship with a more right-wing government in israel. -- >> an election watched very closely
Jan 4, 2013 2:30pm PST
. the goal of a palestinian state is to be realized. since the recent conflict between israel and her boss, there has been allegiances revealed between the factions. the western nations are wary of the group. many countries regard that as a terrorist organization. earlier this week, the israeli government says it could take control of the west bay. the rally was earlier than planned and speakers stopped after organizers said there were organizational problems. there were reports between members that felt the leaders were not given a prominent enough role at the event. >> a roundup of other stories. the united states started deploying troops and missiles to turkey. the question that the defense system and in october, five citizen's guide when a mortar landed on their home. gabrielle gifford has visited the town where a gunman killed 26 people inside of an elementary school. deferreds was shot and critically wounded in a 2011 shooting and was planning to meet on friday with families. now for the bumpy ride the american economy has taken. we started the week with high drama and related -
Jan 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
wave of unrest in egypt that's left more than 50 people dead. >> woodruff: from israel margaret warner reports on fears of islamic militants and chemical weapons just over the border. >> warner: with conflict raging inside syria, israel's taking no chances. it's now fortifying the security barrier behind me to guard against any dangers that may arise. >> ifill: and from mali, lindsay hilsum has a story of celebration as french and local forces push north to capture two key towns.
Jan 30, 2013 2:30pm PST
, but that has been disputed. there has been no official confirmation from israel. i spoke to the chief international correspondent a few moments ago. what can you tell us about what was hit? >> we had two different accounts. we had reports that israeli jets for the first time had bombed a convoy of weapons heading from syria towards lebanon to support hezbollah. hezbollah has been expressing its concern in recent days and it sent its military intelligence chief to washington where he will express concern about chemical weapons from syria of going into the hands of hezbollah. on the nighttime news, they were taking satisfaction in the fact there had not been any verbal response from damascus or hezbollah. no physical response as well. syria came out with their own version of offense which was there was no convoy but they had bombed a scientific research center close to damascus and it used a rather interesting phrase, that it was used to support the resistance. that was the only thing they could agree on. it was something for hezbollah. what it was though, we are not sure. >> can you ma
Jan 17, 2013 5:30pm EST
todas las colmenas dcc. es un virus que hasta ahora sólo se encontraba en israel llamado vpai, virus de parálisis aguda israelí. ♪ el grupo cree que encontró al culpable. el equipo hace ahora una pregunta aún más difícil: ¿cómo llegó el virus a estados unidos? todas las pruebas parecieron señalar a una posible fuente... ♪ australia. ♪ investigadores y entusiastas de las abejas de todo el mundo se reunieron en la conferencia anual de abejas, apimondia... ♪ pero este año una sombra amenaza los festejos. el grupo de trabajo dcc acaba de anunciar su descubrimiento: el desorden de colapso de colonia puede ser originado por un virus encontrado en abejas australianas. [abejas zumbando] ¡zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! el doctor jeff pettis del departamento de agricultura de estados unidos vino a tocar el tema del dcc. buenas tardes. (narrador) y la reciente noticia ha hecho el tema especialmente delicado. el doctor pettis explica cómo fue descubierto el virus y los exportadores de abejas australianas están comprensiblemente nerviosos. (jeff pettis) encontramos este virus en part
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)